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Working together to protect our oceans

Our ocean is integral to life. It sustains us with food and oxygen, and provides inspiration, the means to earn a living, and the opportunity for adventure.

But, threatened by plastic and pollution, our ocean is in trouble.

As a brand with its heart on the sea, we feel strongly about protecting the ocean and its inhabitants. However you love the sea - in it, on it, under it, or by it - by supporting the Marine Conservation Society you are part of a movement. Together we can achieve seas full of life, where nature flourishes and people thrive.

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Plenty More Fish in the Sea?

Between 1970 and 2012 the world’s fish population declined by 49% [Source: World Wildlife Fund]

We need clean seas, more sustainable fisheries and aquaculture, and well managed, protected marine environments. And we need people to understand, love and care for this presious resource, before it is too late.

Together we can

Princess & MCS

We are honoured to be the first luxury yacht manufacturer to officially partner with the Marine Conservation Society. Since 2016 we have worked together to support marine environments, preserving reefs and sea life for present and future generations.

Together we can

Eddystone Reef

SSW of Plymouth

We are proud custodians of Eddystone Reef – an offshore ecosystem close to our home city of Plymouth. The Marine Conservation Society plays an instrumental role in protecting the reef from damaging fishing practices and we support their vital research, which monitors its recovery.

So far research has evidenced that sea anemone population has doubled, the number of tube worms has quadrupled, and the undisturbed seabed is now a thriving ecosystem home to sea flora, fish and other marine creatures. These early signs of recovery are encouraging, although full recovery may take 20 to 30 years.

Map of the UK
Together we can
Together we can

We Can Turn the Tide

Faced with rising levels of pollution and the dumping of plastic, protecting our oceans is not an easy task. But we believe that, together, we can all make a difference to the marine ecology on which we all depend.

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Ways you can help

We believe that, together, we can make a difference to the marine ecology on which we all depend. And, whether you enjoy experiences on the open ocean, love walking the world’s beautiful beaches, or live inland and and rarely see the sea, you can make a difference to the future of our blue planet.

Ways you can help
Together we can

1 At Sea

If you love being on the sea,
help save the sea

Together we can

2 On Shore

Let's Wave Goodbye to Litter-filled Beaches

Together we can

3 Inland

Even if you rarely see the sea you can still help protect it

Say no to single-use plastic

Together we can

The species you are saving

Together we can
Together we can